As the first post, I want to describe how Verbal Wrestling came about.  I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was a kid, but as we live life and become more responsible, I haven’t been able to consistently watch the product.  I started following product more consistently in the past 6 to 7 years.  As I started to hear about more wrestlers getting signed to developmental deals with the WWE, I started researching the Independent Wrestling scene in Southern California.  I kept hearing about these newly signed wrestlers used to wrestling on independent Southern California shows.  I always thought that all the wrestling promotions were in the Mid-West and East Coast, so I was amazed to find that there are quite a few wrestling promotions in the LA area.  So, I started attending and began to enjoy professional wrestling level.

Aside from wrestling websites, I never knew about other platforms to appreciate learning about the wrestling profession.  About 2 years ago, I started following various wrestler’s podcast.  Living in the LA area and constantly being in traffic, I was able to listen to many podcasts.  I love listening to wrestler’s podcasts because we get to hear the other side of the wrestling business.  As the walls of kayfabe have been broken down for quite sometime, their podcasts let you hear wrestling stories from the wrestler’s point of view.  After a while, I started listening to fan-based wrestling podcasts, I came to realize that these are just people just like you and me with an opinion.  Some able to interview wrestlers while some just give their opinion on the WWE and the independent wrestling scene product.

In May of 2016, I made the decision to do my own podcast.  I have opinions of the WWE product that I never had an avenue to share my ideas.  Also, I support independent wrestling and so I would love to support the indy scene in Southern California.  So, I invited my friend Big Rich to co-host the podcast.  As many of my friends are not wrestling fans, Big Rich was the only one I can talk about wrestling with that was up to date with the WWE product.  As we were conceptualizing name of the podcast, my brother-in-law, Floyd, suggested the name Verbal Wrestling.  Through some research, we found out that there are no podcasts under that name.  When the WWE announced that they were going to do the brand split, we decided that our first podcast should be about the WWE Draft.  On July 14, we recorded our first podcast and uploaded it for the world to see on July 15.  We eventually started a twitter account and a Facebook page, and now, we have a website.

We are no experts on wrestling history and neither are we professional podcasters.  We hope that people will enjoy our point of view of wrestling.

Until next time… Charles AKA Mr.Chazztastic