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Last January 27, 2017, I attended Rise 2- Ascent in South Gate, California.  The event started Kevin Harvey welcoming everyone to Rise 2 – Ascent.   The concept behind Rise is about the Development of Tomorrow’s Women Athletes.  Rise is actually one aspect of Pipeline – Wrestling Talent Development Systems. To know more about Pipeline, check out www.wrestlingpipeline.com.  Now let’s get to the event.  I liked it.  I liked it a lot.  How can wrestling fans not find cute women, in tight outfits, with attitude, that can wrestle.

Desi De Rata over Jewels Malone

The first match of the night was Desi De Rata versus Jewels Malone.  This match was filled with a lot of strikes and kicks with an occasional stomp and slam her and there. Desi eventually hits Jewels with a Pile Driver and pins her 1-2…  And then the ref stops and then counts 3.  The Winner is Desi Derata.  So, it’s hard to tell if Jewels actually was hurt or if the ref didn’t know that was the finish, but if she was hurt, then we hope it wasn’t serious.

Sage Sin over Allie Kat

The second match of the night was Sage Sin Supreme versus Allie Kat.  Sage was in control of the majority of the match with moves like a double knee strike to the corner with Allie Kat getting some good counter attacks on her.  In the end, Sage hits Allie Kat with a reverse frankensteiner and pins her 1-2-3.  The Winner is Sage Sin Supreme.

Rosemary over Samara

The third match of the night featured the TNA’s Women’s Champion Rosemary versus Samara.  Rosemary’s gimmick is really scary and you can see freight on Samara’s face.  Rosemary was in control of most of the match with some unconventional tactics such as biting Samara’s hand and licking her Samara’s face.  A lot of Samara’s offensive moves were quickly countered.  In the end, Rosemary hits her face buster move called The Red Wedding and pins Samara 1-2-3.  The Winner is Rosemary.

The next match was a Gauntlet type match of one of Rise’s trainer, Saraya Knight, as she took on three of the those who when through the trainee.  Saraya looked crazy mean intimidating the crowd.  She didn’t have that yelling/shouting mean but more of a sinister trash-talking mean.

Saraya Knight over an unknown wrestler

I’m not sure who her first opponent was but she came out scared  and was quickly squashed as soon as the came into the ring.

Saraya Knight over “The Derby Doll” Layne Rosario

Then her next opponent to come out was “The Derby Doll” Layne Rosario.  She came out hesitant to get into the ring, but faired a little longer than the first opponent.  She had a couple good strikes in, but Saraya quickly put her away.

Saraya Knight over Kikyo

Her last opponent to come out was a West Coast fan favorite, Kikyo.  Kikyo was not intimidated by Saraya.  She came out ready to fight toe-to-toe with Saraya Knight. Saraya kicks Kikyo down, but it didn’t take Kikyo too long to get back up and take control.  But Kikyo’s momentum was short-lived as Saraya aggressively stomped down Kikyo, and eventually pins her for the win.

After the match, a person in black jumps Saraya Knight, and according to Kevin Harvey, this issue is related to something that happened during Rise 1.

Ruby Raze over Hawlee Layne

The fifth match of the night was the equal opportunity ass kicker, Ruby Raze versus Hawley Layne.  Poor Hawlee Layne.  Ruby Raze looked really good in this match as she dominated her Hawlee for the majority of the time.  Hawlee tried to put on a good fight but Raze was just too powerful for her.  After a big slam, Razes pins Hawlee, 1-2-3.  The winner Ruby Raze.

Mercedes Martinez over Shotzi Blackheart

The next match was an awesome match between the Shimmer Women’s Champion, Mercedes Martinez, and Shotzi Blackhearts.  It was a hard fought match.  There was a lot of back and forth.  At one point, Mercedes hit Shotzi with a nice suplex pile driver. At another point, Shotzi hits Mercedes with a cannonball.  At one point, ref gets hit in the mid-section and while he was on all 4s, Mercedes uses the ref to launch herself in the air and do a huge leg drop on Shotzi Blackheart. At the end, the winner of the match was Mercedes Martinez.

Britt Baker over Chelsea Green

The semi-main event of the night was a number one contenders match for the Phoenix of Rise title to be fought on the following night at the AWS show.  The match was between Brit Baker versus Chelsea Green.  This match was amazing.  It was to the point that I didn’t see 2 women wrestling, but instead, I saw 2 wrestlers wrestling.  They had good headlocks and chin locks.   They fought in and out of the ring with Brit Baker jumping from the top rope on Chelsea Green who was on the floor.  In the ends, Brit Baker wins to face Angel Dust the next day’s AWS show.

Angel Dust over Delilah Doom to retain the Phoenix of RISE title

The last match of the night was a title defense match between Delilah Doom and the Phoenix of Rise champion, Angel Dust.  This was a good match, which started with Delilah Doom being the aggressor.  But it didn’t take long Angel Dust to start striking back.  After battling for awhile, the ref gets knocked out and Rosemary comes out and eventually sprays mist in Deliah’s eyes.  Angel Dust pins Deliah Doom for the win.  After destroying Deliah Doom, we now have an alliance between the TNA champion Rosemary and the Phoenix of Rise champion Angel Dust.

Overall it was a good night with a good female wrestling.  Now, if you want to know more about their future events, then I suggest that you follow them on Facebook @RISEdtwa as well as @pipelinewtds.  Pipeline is the umbrella that Rise is under.  To know more about Pipeline, you can go to www.wrestlingpipeline.com.  Follow them on Twitter for I’m sure there will be pictures of this event from others in attendance.  The twitter is: @RISEdtwa for women wrestling as well as follow  @pipelinewtds to be up-to-date on future pipeline events.

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