The Chazztastic View Episode 11 – CV11

Last Saturday, October 23, 2016, Underground Empire Wrestling (UEW) held their Hellbound event. Last Sunday, October 24, 2016, Orange County Championship Wrestling (OCCW) held their Halloween Purge event. Listen to charles aka mr chazztastic talk about those event. Also, at the end, we have the upcoming wrestling events here in the Southern California.

Verbal Wrestling Episode 14

On Raw, Goldberg Returns to a big ovation. On Smackdown, the man-with-2-hands had a fighting chance to compete for the WWE World Championship. On TalkingSmack, Bryan Daniel is lost with a smart reply. Listen to charles aka mr.chazztastic and Big Rich give their takes on these topics.

The Chazztastic View Episode 10 – CV10

CV10 – Last Friday, charles aka mr.chazztastic attended Women Of Wrestling’s Friday Night Fights. They had 3 matches that night. Last Saturday, he attended Millennium Pro Wrestling’s All-Star Spectacular 2. They had 8 matches with that Main Event not disappointing the crowd. Listen to charles’ recap and thoughts on both events.