Rise 2 – Ascent from Friday, January 24, 2017

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Last January 27, 2017, I attended Rise 2- Ascent in South Gate, California.  The event started Kevin Harvey welcoming everyone to Rise 2 – Ascent.   The concept behind Rise is about the Development of Tomorrow’s Women Athletes.  Rise is actually one aspect of Pipeline – Wrestling Talent Development Systems. To know more Continue reading “Rise 2 – Ascent from Friday, January 24, 2017”

Raw and Smackdown Reaction – RSR022

Raw and Smackdown Reaction 022 – It’s been like 6 months since the brand split and I feel like Raw and Smackdown are both putting in quality shows as far as storylines and wrestling. Also, with 205 Live, they are now working their own storylines, which is provides us a back story as to why 2 wrestlers are feuding. Listen to charles aka mr chazztastic talk about these shows.

The Chazztastic View Episode 19 – CV19

Last Friday, December 16, Pro Wrestling Guerilla held their event entitled Mystery Vortex IV. It was a good event with a lot of top name indy wrestlers. Last Saturday, December 17, Santino Bros Wrestling Academy held their event entitled How the Butcher Stole Christmas. It was also a fun event to attend even though the weather was cold. Listen to charles aka mr. chazztastic talk about both events.

The Chazztastic View Episode 18 – CV18

Last December 9, 2016, Vendetta Pro Wrestling held their MidgetMania event in Costa Mesa, CA. It was a good event with a mix of midget wrestlers, female wrestlers, and regular size wrestlers. Last December 10, 2016, Movie City Wrestling held their inaugural event in East Los Angeles, CA. They had some pretty good matches with former WWE stars Chavo Guerrero and Paul London in the main event. Listen to charles aka mr. chazztastic talk about all these events as well as Kevin Harvey introducing a wrestling talent development system entitled Pipeline.

The Chazztastic View Episode 17 – CV17

Last December 2, 2016, charles aka mr. chazztastic attended Empire Wrestling Federation (EWF)event entitled Jingle Slam 7: The Christmas Spectacular. It was good event with good in-ring story telling. Last December 3, 2016, he attended Southern California Wrestling Alliance (SCWA) event entitled Sleighbells and Bodyslams. They had 10 matches with some of Southern California’s most popular wrestlers. Listen to charles talk about these events.

The Chazztastic View Episode 16 – CV16

Last November 25, 2016, charles aka mr chazztastic attended Millennium Pro Wrestling (MPW) weekly event in Moorpark, CA. He had a great time and really enjoyed the whole family-friendly atmosphere. Then on November 26, 2016, he attended the Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS) event entitled Just Another Damn Turkey. It was another great show from beginning to end. Listen to him talk about both shows in this weeks episode.